Benedictine Oblate's Guide to the Internet

Benedictine Oblates tend not to be computer people.  We are not particularly excited by the possibilities of our technological age. We generally prefer books in print.  Prayer in quiet times and places is preferable in the main to surfing the internet.  A walk, in almost any weather, is preferable to sitting at a computer, which too many of us find necessary to our livelihoods. Still, the internet does exercise some allure for the average oblate, however cantankerous and averse to technology. Continue Reading

Accessing the Energy of God's Goodness

Instead of lectio this morning, I decided to visit the oblate blog and noticed a theme stretching across both Ric’s account of Abbot General Notker Wolf’s reflections at an international oblate gathering, and Sister Ruth’s reflections on inserting a verse about the whole earth belonging to God into her reading of a psalm. That theme is both challenge and promise: the challenge of living in a world of innumerable sufferings with a regular sense of the presence of God. Continue Reading

The Rule on Closure

What do you think the Rule says about finding closure when a relationship (of any significant sort) changes or ends?  What do you think the rules of closure are in general–its dynamics?

I recall that the Rule speaks of the gradual steps to take towards excommunication–each time offering a chance to be restored to community.  But even an excommunication is not permanent the first or second time around (how many times?). Continue Reading