On Singular vs. Collective Virtue: Can I Alone Be the Adult in the Room?

kids with emoji faces

By Amy Carr

“I want to be the adult in the room.”

Recently I have heard two quite different individuals say this, each time referring to a shared institutional context — albeit from very different standing points in our institution.

Each time it puzzled me. Continue Reading


Encountering Mary in the MeToo Movement

mary and baby jesus fb

By Amy Carr

As a Benedictine oblate who is also a lifelong Lutheran, and as a woman who has never borne a child, I have not had any ritually-taught identification with the Virgin Mary. But the iconic image of Mary holding her infant son comes to mind as I ponder a question circulating in my heart’s thoughts of late. Continue Reading

Holiday Sorts of Prayer

mailbox and presents

By Amy Carr

After my parents headed back to Upper Michigan two days after Christmas, I sat down and wrote my two page, double-sided annual holiday letter. To actually get all the letters in the mail takes many days of going back and forth between writing a note in a card to a particular person, then doing some other small activity that the rest of my life demands, too. Continue Reading