The River of Prayer

“There’s a river whose streams gladden the city of God, the holy dwelling of the Most High” (Ps. 46:4).

I’ve sensed two rivers of late, though they tend to dissolve into one.

The first is a river of suffering creatures … the second is a river of prayer. Continue Reading

In Times of Everyday Mortal Afflictions

I’ve not written for a time because of a series of events that derailed my summer intentions. In early June my companion Daniel’s father (age 91) could not get back to bed from the bathroom, and since then he’s been back & forth between the hospital and nursing home rehab, unable to care for his wife, who has Alzheimers. So I have spent many days two hours from my home in Springfield, IL, getting simple meals and meds for Daniel’s mother when he’s at work, bringing work with me to do there. But no internet access in the house limited my blog writing abilities. Continue Reading

My sister, My friend

Someone with whom I am very close, my sister, 7 years my senior, has been homeless since early March.

The roots of her homelessness go back decades: She married in 1970 just out of high school.  She and her husband never quite got the knack of home finances, declaring bankruptcy multiple times.  When they split-up in 1989, she moved back with our parents.  She worked and went to college, and only lacked her student teaching to receive her diploma.  A few years later, she decided to try technical school in computers, which resulted in another unfinished course. Continue Reading