Benedictine Oblate's Guide to the Internet

Benedictine Oblates tend not to be computer people.  We are not particularly excited by the possibilities of our technological age. We generally prefer books in print.  Prayer in quiet times and places is preferable in the main to surfing the internet.  A walk, in almost any weather, is preferable to sitting at a computer, which too many of us find necessary to our livelihoods. Still, the internet does exercise some allure for the average oblate, however cantankerous and averse to technology.

The following is a brief list of links that any of us might find helpful and/or interesting.  I don’t recommend any of these in the place of walking, reading, silence or prayer, but the information offered might be helpful to any of us at one time or another. Some of the sites listed might even stir us to deeper thought or prayer or lead us to a good book:

St. John’s Abbey has a good multilingual guide to all things Benedictine. Everything from what the letters mean in the St. Benedict medal to a list of Benedictine retreat houses both in the U.S. and abroad. (For the uninitiated and computer-challenged, just click on the colored words and they’ll take you straight there.) has a good guide to Benedictine spirituality with links to other areas of possible interest as well.

Want to know about Benedictine Oblates outside the U.S.? Try International Benedictine Oblates.  The site includes information on the upcoming 2013 International Congress of Benedictine Oblates in Rome.

General news, commentary, and cultural writing from a spiritual perspective? Try America Magazine.  Not everything is available without a subscription, but plenty is.  I find the book reviews especially valuable.

One of my very favorite sites is NPR’s On Being, one of public radio’s most probing offerings. The site is a treasure trove of discussion on inter-faith spirituality and the interior life. It’s extraordinarily well done and offers everything from video shorts to podcast downloads of the radio broadcasts themselves and transcripts.

Something to add? Let me know and I’ll list it in a follow-up.

Happy surfing.

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