Facebook and Community

I was reluctant to join Facebook.  Perhaps many of you have felt the same.  I finally did for two reasons:  I realized many of my highschool friends were present there, and a fellow theologian told me she was developing theological connections through it.  So I joined. Continue Reading

On Ch. 50, or Raveling while Traveling

Like Ric, I have been traveling–only north, not south, to Upper Michigan, not Alabama.  And since I fittingly read chs. 50 and 51 of the Rule on the road, I interpreted them in light of my two weeks on “vacation”–which going to my homeland isn’t, really.  Not at least when an uncle ends up in the ICU, and you are preaching a sermon during your trip (about Jesus’ own desparate need for vacations–see John 6), and you are zipping about across hundreds of miles (the UP is very long across) to see once more myriad worlds of families and friends.  And on top of that, your brother bundles in unexpectedly (because of your uncle), driving 36 hours straight from Winnemucca, Nevada with his wife and their three youngest kids and two dogs. Continue Reading