A Monk at a College Reunion

Last weekend I attended my 20th college reunion (at Carleton College in Northfield, MN). Since graduating classes are small by university standards (there were about 400 people in my class of ”89), students tend to know–or at least recognize–a fair number of their classmates. And since reunions include other class years as well, you can get a feel for the well-known stars of other classes, especially when they make featured presentations.

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Rock and Sand

My days are sandy this summer–fluidly flowing from place to place and task to task, moving back and forth like the tide from this town where I live. I”ll be in and out all summer, more than usual, for a variety of largely joyful reasons. However, this does mean that my reflective work (researching and writing) is done in the places I am staying out of town–where the needs of my house and bills and errands cannot distract me–while when I am at home (as I am for two more days) there is nothing to do but catch up on the laundry and the mail and the yardwork and myriads of other practical matters.

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