Flowing in Music; in Prayer

sacred-musiciansBy Amy Carr

Most of us have been to hear live music — of any sort — in which the performers are entering the atmosphere of the music, creating that grounded sense of space and place that is always there between and around us.

Making music reminds us of its presence, helps us re-enter it, re-sync with it. Continue Reading

The Rosary: from pocket to heart

A few months before my confirmation in the Catholic Church, several years ago now, I bought myself a Rosary and proceeded to use it as a tool in my prayers. The little leaflet that came with the beads succinctly covered the basics of praying the Rosary and I was quickly enjoying a—for me—new way to pray. Continue Reading

Prayer as "Being With"

Recently, Sandy shared her successful pie-crust recipe with me. I greatly appreciated it because my own efforts, though consistent, were hardly stellar. (Her secret is to roll the crust between two sheets of wax paper.) Now, every time I make a pie, I find myself lifting Sandy in prayer. I thank God for her sweet nature, her sense of humor, and her friendship towards me. Continue Reading