World Congress of Oblates: Rome 2009–one last note

As I slowly but surely find myself re-immersed in the daily life of a church musician in Muscatine, Iowa, I find that I am fed and energized by continuing thoughts of the twelve days in Rome. This last reflection did not come from any particular talk or meeting or experience. Rather these thoughts seem to sum up the underlying spirit of the Congress. Continue Reading

Benedictine Oblate World Congress Begins in Rome!

It feels like Pentecost. There are delegates here from Togo, from Australia, from France, from Korea, from Holland, Benin, Germany the Philipines, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, Vietnam, Spain, Senegal, Hungary, Italy, England, the US, Austria, India, Nigeria, and Hungary…and those are just the ones I have talked to so far… Continue Reading

Pentecost Sunday

By Sr. Catherine Cleary, OSB

How can you go away and yet stay? But this is exactly what happened to Jesus at Pentecost. Jesus’ going to God in his death is not a going away from the disciples but a coming and staying with us in a new way. The new way is symbolized by how Jesus encounters the disciples. After his death even though the doors are locked, Jesus appears in their midst. His new presence is not bound by physical limitation and as Thomas finds out, not properly known by physical inspection. Continue Reading