Unexpected Layers in Psalm 24

Because Psalm 24 is one of the psalms we read every day for a whole week at a stretch, this past week I decided not to follow my usual temptation to skip it after one day, but to keep reading it first each morning and see what I saw differently by doing this.

The first thing I noticed was how the earth’s foundation in God is not visible to the naked eye and lies below the motion and fluidity of our lives:

“The earth and everything in it — the world and all who live in
it –belong to YHWH. YHWH built it on the deep waters,
laying its foundations in the ocean depths.” Continue Reading

Epiphany: A Light over our Post-Holiday Lives

Unlike Advent and Lent, the season of Epiphany doesn’t invite introspection or conscious spiritual development for many of us. And western Christians have ironically let this day of starlight be eclipsed by New Year’s and by a return to our post-holiday routines. Post-expectations, the light shines on us as we somewhat wearily resume our ordinary life-rhythms. Continue Reading

The New Happy

Happy New Year. Welcome to Presidential Campaign 2012. Angry is the new happy.

The Occupy Wall Street folks are angry at corporations. The Tea Party is angry at the government. The American public is angry at the Muslim world. The Muslim world is angry at the United States. Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are angry at everybody–especially Barack Obama. Barack Obama is angry at congress. Continue Reading