Visions of Ideal and Stable Institutions

monk-at-workBy Amy Carr

Benedictine Oblates treasure a commitment to community, even as the form community takes for us varies a great deal, depending on our circumstances. In the past months I’ve become aware of my own vision for an ideal community for theologians.  It’s an ideal that will never become a reality, but it settles me out to have recognized what I would like, even if it does not exist. Continue Reading

Silence as Homecoming

bench-in-snow_optBy Amy Carr

There were two times today when I felt silence appear like a relaxed release of tight muscles, like a garment that fits just right.

The first was during lectio this morning, when I got caught in a pause after a few lines of reading. It was like entering a sabbath rest, slowing down from rushing about so much all week. I thought: I’d like to walk into a classroom with this kind of stillness, even as I’m getting all animated once class begins. Continue Reading