Changing Wind

I’ve just walked down to the library and back. My umbrella, for the limited amount of rain it kept off my head, told me that the wind is changing. Well, that and the obvious fact that it’s fifteen degrees colder than yesterday. We stand on the verge of winter; a token, introductory inch of snow is forecast for tonight. Continue Reading

Foreign Travel

In both a recent interview published in CONNECTING POINT (Autumn 2009) and a story posted on the SMM oblate blog/facebook (October 2009) I discussed my business trip to Nigeria this summer, during which I spoke to Nigerian business executives and attorneys about corporate criminal laws in the U.S.    My reflections on this trip brought to mind something Richard Rohr observed about “liminal experiences,” that is, those events that tend to induce a type of “inner crisis to help us make a needed transformation”–sort of a displacement in hope of a new point of view. Continue Reading

Prayer as "Being With"

Recently, Sandy shared her successful pie-crust recipe with me. I greatly appreciated it because my own efforts, though consistent, were hardly stellar. (Her secret is to roll the crust between two sheets of wax paper.) Now, every time I make a pie, I find myself lifting Sandy in prayer. I thank God for her sweet nature, her sense of humor, and her friendship towards me. Continue Reading

Praying While Sick

What have you learned about praying while you are yourself ill?  Temporarily, or in a chronic way?  How has your prayer transfigured itself in response to new awarenesses about your body–of its capacity for not working right, or for pain or discomfort?  What have you learned about prayer during the times of uncertainty about knowing the cause of those not-good changes? Continue Reading