Carrying Our Ancestors' Curses

“Let the crimes of their ancestors be held against them before God, and their parents’ sins never be erased” (Psalm 109:14).

This is a curse – whose vivid vengeful energy is true, even if none of us would wish to bear the guilt of our ancestors’ crimes.

It snagged my thoughts a bit during lectio, though. What crimes indeed have my ancestors committed? Or yours? Continue Reading

Three Dead Possums; the Rant of Ps. 7

Yesterday I found two dead young possums in my yard. Sensing there might be more, I went investigating this morning and found a third. The two I picked up via gloves and a bag yesterday felt warm still (if fly covered), their small bodies flexible. The third I picked up today was stiff. So I am guessing one of the stray cats that claims a stretch of houses on my street probably had great fun slaying them yesterday. Only one possum was bloody, and none had been eaten. Continue Reading