Moses, Prophet of the Divine Warrior

Here’s an open-ended question. How have you thought about or wrestled with the ways of God as a Divine Warrior, and as one who sometimes punishes fiercely?

Saul loses his kingship because he doesn’t destroy all the livestock and kill every last person — man, woman, and child — of the Amalekites.

Moses has 3000 random Israelites killed by sword after the Golden Calf was made. He also made the people drink that Calf, ground into powder and sprinkled in water — a kind of perverse eucharist.

As one of my students in a college Bible course put it: “Why is God so mean?” Continue Reading

A Proposal on Syria

Here’s one alternative to more violence.  It may be too little.  It may be too late, at least for Syria.  Still, it’s a positive, non-violent proposal.  I’m not seeing many of those outside Pope Francis’ call for a day of prayer and fasting.  Thank God for Pope Francis and his willingness to be alone voice in a screaming world.

Dear Mr. President and Members of Congress: Continue Reading