Sr. Maureen Coughlin, 1917-2010

Sr. Maureen Coughlin died Sunday at the monastery. Read her obituary and a poem written for her by Sr. Marilyn.


The Octave of Easter

“It’s the Octave of Easter,” said Pastor Chuck cheerfully as he ate a handful of jelly beans and several pieces of chocolate–all before he and his wife Cheryl and I headed out to a restaurant for dinner.  A time of full-fledged feasting.

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Memories of Sr. Bea

When asked to participate in an interview about a car accident that nearly took her life 70 years ago, Sr. Beatrice Flahaven agreed, but under one condition. She didn’t want to be made to look like she was complaining… Read more!


Sr. Beatrice Flahavan 1928-2010

Dear Friends, Our dear Sr. Bea died today at the monastery after a short illness. We will post her obituary soon, but meantime, here is her funeral information. Also, Sr. Marilyn Hettinger wrote a poem for her that we’d like to share. Peace to you.


Making the Resurrection Personal by Sister Phyllis

Happy Easter! Read Sr. Phyllis’ Easter message as well as an Easter poem from Sr. Marilyn Hettinger.