Hope against the Evidence

In recent months I’ve noticed a repeated theme in the psalms:  a conviction that God’s justice is intact, no matter the circumstances.

The psalmist might speak amid exile, the destruction of God’s own city, being subjected to death threats, being abandoned by neighbors and friends . . . and though sometimes the voice of lament and despair is louder than the voice of hope that all will be well (and I am glad of this for there is truthtelling about such moments), it is interesting to me that a vision of right relationship, with God and among all creation, is what gets most  held up to our view over and over. Continue Reading

Who me?

One morning, a year or so ago, as I stood in the Communion line I looked up to see a person receiving the cup—a person whom I do not like and rarely agree with…on anything. As I smirked my dislike in his direction, I heard a still small voice murmur, “You’re going to spend eternity with this person; you might as well start getting over yourself now.” I was stunned, in that eternal moment at Christ’s banquet table, to hear eternity addressed in such tactless terms. Continue Reading


Recently, in thanks for a small contribution to “Home of Hope India” (which helps neglected, abused and abandoned girls in Southern India), I received a wonderful gift: a copy of In Due Season: A Catholic Life–autographed, no less, by its author, Paul Wilkes.  (He is also executive director of “Home of Hope India.”)  Continue Reading

Feeling Like a Magic 8 Ball

I’m not sure if you can buy them anymore–those magic 8 balls that looked like miniature bowling balls with a tiny water-filled window atop them, a different message on each side of the 8-sided shape.  The messages were responses to a question you were supposed to pose to the magic 8 ball, before turning it over and upside down and rightside up to see what the “answer” to your question might be. Continue Reading