A Radical Benedictine Voice

The letters O.S.B. after a name don’t usually suggest radical thinking to me.  My mistake.

While this article might frustrate the superficial glance,  it rewards a careful reading.

Like it or not, the Rule of St. Benedict is a radical document, and Fr. Virgil Michel, the early 20th Century monk and thinker (St. John’s, Minnesota) exposes the radical nature of the Rule as well as the beam in our modern American eye. Let’s throw these ideas in the current political debate and watch candidates (and voters!) squirm.

The first sentence of the article: “What blasphemy! As if there were anything really Christian about our modern capitalism.” Read at your peril:  http://www.cjd.org/paper/roots/rmichel.html

4 thoughts on “A Radical Benedictine Voice

  1. Ric,
    The page wasn’t found. If you have a different link for it, I’d welcome seeing it, since I’m preparing a talk on biblical perspectives on economic justice to give in the end of March, and am gleaning from whatever crosses my path to supplement the overall picture I’ve already formed (from the Jubilee Year and the prophets esp.) of a biblical witness regarding economic justice. I’ll be speaking alongside a local Muslim leader who’ll give a parallel talk on Islam and economic justice at the same event.


  2. Amy,
    I’m not sure what happened there unless the Houston Catholic Worker cleaned out their archive or changed it in some way. I’ll scan and e-mail you the article. In the mean time, go to the Houston Catholic Worker homepage, click on Newspaper archive and look under Economics and Catholic Social Teaching–lots of things there. In general, Dorothy Day is maybe the strongest prophet of our day along economic and social lines–both her writing and her life.


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