Torches, Stars, and Epiphany Light

night-sky-from-webBy Amy Carr

What images of Epiphany stand out for you this year? Our most common image is of the star in the gospel of Matthew—a star guiding wise men to the infant savior to whom they wanted to pay homage.

Their journey is not a journey into exile, nor is it a journey home from exile. It is more like a pilgrimage to an unknown place in honor of a future promise, rather than a past accomplishment. Continue Reading

Epiphany: A Light over our Post-Holiday Lives

Unlike Advent and Lent, the season of Epiphany doesn’t invite introspection or conscious spiritual development for many of us. And western Christians have ironically let this day of starlight be eclipsed by New Year’s and by a return to our post-holiday routines. Post-expectations, the light shines on us as we somewhat wearily resume our ordinary life-rhythms. Continue Reading