A Sojourn through the Landscape of Elijah and Hosea (with Charlottesville on my Mind)

By Amy Carr

Tonight I am drawn to thinking of a Benedictine commitment to “place” in terms of a commitment to the particular nation to which I belong. . . . Continue Reading

A Midwestern Lectio

wild rose

By Amy Carr

Who has learned to live by Jesus’ teaching, “Do not worry?”

Jesus had listened deeply to fellow human beings to be drawn to say this — alongside the familiar Jewish commandments about loving neighbor, practicing justice, forgiving and showing mercy. Continue Reading

The Spirit Intercedes Between Heart and Mind


By Amy Carr

Last week while  having dinner with two friends, one said that she is an INFJ on the Myers-Brigg and she finds that it is true, what is said of this personality type: that she has trouble just sitting and being with her feelings. She has a regular spiritual practice that keeps her centered, but she can take her bearings so much from her mind that she doesn’t always know what to do with her emotions. Continue Reading

Bearing Witness in Trump’s Time


By Amy Carr

I want to begin with the words of John Dorhauer, President and General Minister of the United Church of Christ:

“Because this election sharply separated us over matters of race, gender, human sexuality, faith, economic inequality and political persuasions we all bear a heavy burden moving forward. It is our call, our shared mission, to heed the call of God’s Spirit and to work to repair damages in our deeply wounded and fiercely broken body. Continue Reading