Oblate Van Drives Again!

oblates-making-vanBy Sister Ruth Ksycki, OSB

Oblate Day labora saw Oblates Florrie Dammer, Susan Lawhorn, Pat Hartmann, and Susan Ramiro directed by Sister Stefanie MacDonald begin assembling the monastery van for the Sisters’ Christmas Program.  

Little did they know how much joy their efforts would bring to others! In the intervening months until Christmas Sister Stefanie along with Sister Ruth Ksycki would put the finishing touches on their work.

The program was entitled “Sister Joy’s Christmas Ride, a ride she took each year in the monastery van to deliver gifts to agencies who serve those in need.

The program was inspired by A Christmas Joy Ride and shared the story of how the Sisters gave a gift each year to those in need instead of giving gifts to one another.

Sr. Mary Jane Wallace starred as Sr. Joy, Sr. Stefanie as Carol Noel, a woman thinking about being a sister, and Sr. Ruth as narrator.

Interspersed between the singing of carols, Carol Noel asked Sr. Joy questions about the religious life with Sr. Joy often answering the question with a very humorous story from her own experience, and Sr. Ruth shared information about the agencies receiving the gifts.

What a wonderful way to celebrate Christmas 2016!

But the story doesn’t stop there. When Sr. Stefanie showed her parents the “van,” her father asked if he could use it for a retreat he and her mother were giving to children with special needs.

Sr. Stefanie transported Sr. Joy’s van to Dubuque in the real monastery van.

What joy it brought to these children!


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