Impressions from the 2nd Muslim/Christian Dialogue

By Sr. Catherine Cleary, OSB

Our second evening of dialoguing with our friends, people were even more animated than they were during first one. For one thing, those who attended on the first night told their friends about it and suggested they come.

The topic was “ Peace in the larger arena…local community and beyond.”   We were challenged to think like People John VI: If you want Peace, work for justice. Both speakers encouraged us to become involved in a social action project in the area. As we were leaving a couple of women said, “I wish we were coming back next Monday,”  and another one, “ We need to do this all year!”

The variety of participants’ background made the evening very exciting. Three young men from Morocco came, along with a Pakistani woman who had studied 12 years in a school operated by Sisters in England, and a Jewish doctor.  A suggestion was made that  we consider having a dialogue with the People of the Book:  Jews,  Muslims and Christians.  Plans are in the hopper for a dialogue at the Mosque October, 2010. Stay tuned!

One thought on “Impressions from the 2nd Muslim/Christian Dialogue

  1. Great sessions for sure! I was able to attend both of them, both very enjoyable and enlightening…. a wonderful group and mix of people.
    ( Please put me on the reservation list for the next session!!)
    Dennis H


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