Peace in Dialogue

What a surprise as I walked toward the retreat house at 6:30 for the 7:00 Muslim /Christian Women’s Dialogue and saw crowds already entering the front door…People were greeting each other as they closed their car door, hugging & giving their “SO good to see you again smiles.”

As I entered the conference room, the air was charged with the energy of laughter & conversation. I only had to tap the bell once as the crowd, familiar by now with the routine, quieted down before beginning Prayer of Prophet Muhammad, repeating “everlasting Peace” in the prayer.

My introduction was a the story of Francis meeting the Sultan in 1219 during the 5th crusade and discussing Peace for 3 days before the battle began again. The crowd was spell bound as Sophia Faroogut began with, “Peace can only be achieved when we are faithful to our daily 5 prayer times.”  Sophia went on to describe how she has achieved a peaceful heart through her fidelity to Muslim practices.

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