A new postulant and a new life

I’ve been wistfully imagining the symbolic knocking on the monastery door which Jackie Walsh did on September 6th. Once she was allowed into the monastery she started the period called postulancy in view of becoming a Benedictine from Rock Island. I’m so moved that it all started with a ritual of welcoming her in with its strong symbol of a huge, heavy door which opens onto a community of sisters gathered to take her into the chapel. I wouldn’t have wanted my former fellow parishoner to just show up for an interview and be told to stay because there is an extra bed. She can leave us here in Bloomington at St. Mary’s parish with a thousand blessings if that knock on the door is for something big. And I have seen over time that there is that big desire, that zeal that kept bringing Jackie back to this community of Benedictines.
Tonight my second daughter is on her way to the hospital to have her first baby. “All of us on the outside of mommy’s tummy are eagerly awaiting you little girl” is all I can think. We will have a new little face to cherish, a personality to discover, a family member to intergrate and enjoy. We aren’t perfect baby but we are waiting with joy to have you with us.
Because of September 6th and September 16th communities will have to break open! May new life bless us.

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