What Are Your Utensils?

Cynthia, an oblate, shared the following about how she understands the Rule’s chapter on caring for utensils — by meditating on what utensils are employed in her own work:

“My experience as an oblate has taught me what my ‘utensils’ of work are. My work is widely varied due to the roles I fill as teacher, pianist, student, mother, wife, householder, friend. Some of the most important utensils I use are: music scores; piano; organ; pencils; eyeglasses; hands; brain & creativity; cell phone; calendar. In domestic work, I use appliances, dishes, pottery, kitchen gadgets, cloths, soaps, broom, mop, computer, pots and pans. These utensils must be reverenced and treated with respect. They are my co-workers.” Continue Reading