A Beautiful Take on the Beatitudes

Hi Everyone, Here is another reflection on the Beatitudes by Oblate Linda Jani. Please email yours to me if you wish to post it here!

1.    Blessed are they who are not attached to things or results, they shall live in God’s freedom.

2.    Blessed are they who feel emptiness and the darkness of night, they shall be filled with light.

3.    Blessed are those whose strength is their humility, they shall not be left in want. (Or Blessed are those without a voice, the ear of the Most High is inclined to them.)

4.    Blessed are those who work for justice, they shall live in God’s mercy.

5.    Blessed are the compassionate, they shall live in the company of God.

6.    Blessed are those who single-heartedly seek God, God shall be revealed to them.

7.    Blessed are they who stand in the breach, their wounds will be healed and shine as a light for God’s people.

8.    Blessed are those who live in integrity, they stand in God’s Presence.

One thought on “A Beautiful Take on the Beatitudes

  1. I am glad Linda shared these. Linda can speak of darkness with directness and matter-of-factness. As if it were a daily chore that just needed to be contended with regularly!


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