A grandbaby and God

I want to introduce you to my new grand daughter, Corinne Madeleine Stocker, born September 16th, almost a month ago. Here’s a picture giving us a foretaste of her many smiles. It was an earth shaking experience to become a grandmother the first time in 2007 with fireworks of wonder and love lighting up all my sky. Now, this time, I’ve held our tiny Corinne with such a glow of happiness and a quiet, still sky above me. I’ve become reflective about God being a sort of eternally joyous Grandma/Grandpa.

First we pass on our “spirits” to our children as we raise them and now I am watching my children pass on their “spirits” . I know so concretely now that God acts in human history, that is, the Eternal Spirit is not just an aloof deity sitting on a throne in the heavens. God is in this beautiful new baby! Just massaging Corinnes’s new body has definitely made me optimistically in love with life.

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